Talent Suite

Find the right candidates for the right position at the right time faster. Attract, hire and develop the best-fit candidates for your organization with our built for enterprise talent management software.

Streamline, automate, and centralize all stages of recruitment using our Talent Suite.

Recruitment marketing

Build networks of expertise and trust through cooperation, collaboration, and working faster, better, and wiser than ever. Designed for enterprises, Akrivia’s Talent Suite helps align employees with company’s vision.

Candidate relationship management

Our cloud-based suite solution combines exceptional recruitment tools with a process-driven approach to talent coordination. Designed to facilitate effective communication between recruiters and managers while engaging candidates much before joining through the pre-onboarding portal. Candidates get to accept the offer letter digitally and fill in all information which flows directly to their personal file during the employee onboarding process.

Bulk recruitment

Sift through candidate resumes with a click of a button with our recruitment management software. Automatic candidate shortlisting from preset criteria and review provision. View the talent pool by location, years of experience, qualification, inherent talent, and more. With this, you can schedule interviews directly with multiple candidates in bulk.

Drive engagement from the start

Simplifying tracking, scheduling, and deliver consistent onboarding content across the globe. Use one integrated solution to configure onboarding processes that aligns with your brand and create a seamless experience for new hires.

Workforce transparency

Our cloud-based solution enables workforce transparency, improves communication during transitions, and empowers leaders to make more informed talent decisions. Talent Suite helps organizations manage the entire employee lifecycle with a view into training, development, and progression opportunities.

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