Engagement Suite

Design a digital workspace to support collaboration, interaction, innovation and production ensuring holistic wellbeing with our employee engagement software.

Opening workspace for relationship accountability in your multi-generational workforce with our built-in tools.

Know your organization better

An engaged workforce is a sign of a successful workplace. With our engagement suite, you can set the tone for holistic well being. By fully integrating well-being into work, you can boost employee engagement and create a flourishing performance.

  • With our solution, you can create engagement drivers for different levels.
  • You can also create driver-based questions with labels to make sure survey creation is easy.

Know your employee better

Want to know your employee’s state better? Our employee engagement system has you covered. Accurate analytics based on drivers, sentiment, scores, and responses are generated to know your employees better.

  • Employee’s net promoter score is calculated, and question-based analysis is done based on sentiment analysis.
  • Machine learning based keyword extraction is done using an NLP algorithm.
  • Employee satisfaction analysis is done based on their survey responses.
  • To view analytics, heat maps, bar charts, stacked bars, doughnut charts, and many more.

Celebrating great work

Build a positive company culture with Employee Recognition. Show people their contributions are valued, boost performance and retain your best talent.

  • Engage employees with employee nominations from the whole team ensuring their accomplishments are celebrated.
  • Make employees feel valued with gift cards worth thousands, charities and personalized culture rewards to choose from.
  • Empower employees by making appreciation frequent, meaningful and visible across the organization with likes, emojis, images, GIFs, and comments

Celebrating accomplishments

Build a positive culture of acknowledging your employees for their efforts. Turn up the heat on performance and retention by acknowledging your employees how much you appreciate them. This Suite of awards, given at different times during the year, demonstrates their contributions are valued and incentivizes them to work harder which gives a good employee experience as well as helps you to retain them.

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