Attract, Assess, Interview, and Onboard the Best Talent Seamlessly.

Skim thousands of resumes with our AI-powered recruitment management software. Resume ranking, intelligent interview scheduling, bulk offer generation, and many more!

Attract and retain the best talent creating exceptional hiring and onboarding experience !

Shape Your Organization's Future

Hiring the best talent is now easier than ever with our product. Seamlessly integrate calendars, third-party tools for additional assessments, and more. With our applicant tracking system, your users can easily manage their applicants at every step of the process.

Inspire The Best

Post jobs on multiple job boards with our recruitment management tool and attract the best talent while marketing job vacancies with your brand, mission and values and bring candidates directly to your door.

Rediscover Talent

Reallocate candidates to a new role based upon their skills and competencies. Our recruitment system helps recruiters grow a talent pool and makes it easier than ever to lower the time to hire great talent.

Evaluate, Test, and Choose The Best Candidates

Customize evaluation plans, eliminate bias, and source the best-fit candidates for the job and your company culture. Easily rate each answer with a simple click and see how candidates compare with others in your organization.

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Applicant Tracking System

Our best-in-class ATS automates tasks and removes bottlenecks with a single page to manage all the candidates according to the recruitment stage they are in.

Job Boards

Expand your candidate search by posting to multiple job boards on with a hiring request.

Calendar Integration

Schedule conveniently as per the interviewer availability with Google calendar and Office 365 calendar pick a time that works for everyone.

Manage External Recruiters

Provide your vendors access to recruitment software and let them add candidates directly without any hassle.

Offer Management

Bespoke customization at your disposal. Make and manage tailored, timely, and accurate digital offers for every position and role. Generate offer letters and record candidate decisions.

Pre-Onboarding Access

Provide access to the pre-onboarding portal to accept offer letters. Upload required documents for the background check and onboarding process.

Set up Hiring Team

Delegate the hiring responsibility among multiple hiring managers created, based on location, business unit, or competency.

Email Notifications

Automate email to communication to the candidates right from scheduling the interviews at each step of the recruitment process.

Merge and Duplicate Detection

Customize how you duplicate candidate profiles. We can automatically disqualify candidates that don't match your needs.

Resume Parsing and Mass Import

Robust parsing reads different resume formats and organizes them on candidate profiles. Import an existing list of candidates or prospects into your resume database with Akrivia's tools.

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