Make your workforce ready today with tomorrow's skills!

Create, manage, publish, track and analyze training programmes for employees to attain proficiency in different skills and competencies, enabling the organisation to achieve its business objectives with our learning & development software.

Leverage a continuous learning environment by designing practical training directly applicable to the workplace.

Go beyond up-skilling. Give opportunities to explore new mindsets, behaviors, and ways of learning.

With its easy-to-use interface, the learning and development management module eases the process of creating and publishing the course, tracking learners’ progress, and monitoring performance.

Track, Manage and Configure Training Sessions

With its super-agile interface, you can tailor content for each course and configure training sessions as per your current needs

Publish Content and Track Training

Configure your training sessions to suit the individual needs of your employee groups and track their progress.

Assess Training and Trainer Quality

With our built-in analytics, you can explore, understand, and analyze the quality of training, top trainers, and top learners. You can also download the reports on them.

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Create post-training assignments to evaluate the impact of learning. Reinforce learning and identify gaps for further employee training and development.


Test your employee’s knowledge with fun quizzes. Intrinsically motivates them to pay attention to training.

Training Room Availability

Facilitates planning and execution of extensive sessions for blended training sessions.

Trainer Availability

Helps plan sessions as per the availability of the trainer to avoid conflict between schedules as part of blended approach.

Reporting Chain

Flexible nomination system increasing employee autonomy as well as manager recommendation in participating in work-relevant courses.

Skill Growth Analysis

Periodically analyze employee upskilling post training.

Training Catalogs

Group parts of training and link or send them to employees.

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