Simplify the process, reduce transaction costs, and improve management control!

Cost-effective tracking and accounting for travel, entertainment, hospitality, and tax reporting. Easy receipt creation, categorisation, and storage of receipts with our expense management software.

Upgrade from obsolete paperwork to highly effective systemized features.

Drive performance all across your company

Go beyond manual processes of saving receipts or using corporate credit cards for official transactions. Stay current with our expense management product to track your business spending and reimbursements. Get to create configurable fields, auto-scan receipts to record data.

Track and Record Mileage Expense

Our web-based application makes managing your company’s fleet of company cars and other associated expenses, such as fuel and repairs, a breeze. Employee expense management is easier now. Conveniently record, track, and configure mileage rates for different vehicles.

Provision to Allot Day-Wise Allowances

Managing your business travel expenses has never been easier. Add a location in just two steps and immediately start tracking mileage or other costs. Get instant detailed reports with configurable filters to help you improve your budgeting and planning processes.

Create and Link Expense Policies

Create expense policies for a group of employees configuring custom rules and violations in the procedure according to the company’s needs with our expense management system.

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Expense Policies

It helps employees request reimbursements or any other requests as per the linked company policies.

Approval Requests

Configure approval chains to trips, advances, and reports.


Create custom fields to collect additional expense data from employees.

Category Capping Limits

Limit employees based on expense category and also set limits per day or per trip.

Travel Desk

Select the travel desk for trip requests to get the tickets booked.

Custom Rules

Create policy rules on categories based on different metrics to control employee claim expenses.

Travel Hours in Per-Diem

Day allowance can be configured hourly and linked to locations. 

Reports and Analytics

Reports on trips, expenses, policies, taxes, reports, advances, etc.

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