Adopt AI—offering digital access, personalization, and effectiveness to create a wider employee experience. Akrivia HCM’s Core HR—Management system provides everything from time, attendance, and leave to employee management.

We fit around your core like a glove!

Customizable personnel fields for easy access

Manage your employees more efficiently by grouping and filtering them according to the jobs they perform. Create primary fields like name, gender, date of birth, blood group, etc. Maintain employee information in a place where it can be easily accessed and updated.

  • Use the restricted access feature to let only specific individuals see certain information about other employees.
  • Command a deeper understanding of your workforce by leveraging employee data throughout all modules.
  • View real-time, holistic insights into various aspects of your workforce, and generate instant reports tailored to the organization’s goals.

Designed to shape consistency, focus and productivity

In the attendance management system, you can add employee time management policies which will help you track the time spent on different projects to maintain resource allocation and utilization. Unified interface to set up other tracking rules for different teams/levels as per your organizational requirements.

  • Implement policies to prevent late arrivals, early departure, and shortage of work hours.
  • Optimize your workforce with a mobile-centric attendance capturing system with geo-tagging and geo-fencing features.
  • Create, swap and manage your shift schedules for multiple shifts with extensive slot planning.

Leave management system rooted in best practices

Easy enforcement of leave policies with Akrivia’s leave management tool.

Our cloud-based Leave Management System allows you to quickly request leave, get approval, and check your balance anytime and anywhere. The intuitive system helps you generate holidays and reports in bulk or individually assigned to employees.

  • Effortless leave management with functionalities like multiple-configurable leave types, leave compensation, on-behalf leave application, and holiday creation.
  • On-the-go approval provision and transperant approval flow avoiding gripes.

Insightful Performance Report

Embrace data-driven HR using analytics to optimize your workforce through better decision-making and creating real business value with the performance management system. Ready-to-use people and performance analytics for timely and data-backed HR decisions boosting peak performance.

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