Super Simplified Payroll Management Built, Especially for Large Enterprises!

Manage payroll processes holistically, automating manual and repetitive tasks while providing deeper insights into employees’ financial data with our payroll management software.

Single-click solution to all of your payroll problems.

Payroll Processes Made Simple

Effortlessly integrate payroll with other modules such as Time and Attendance, Expense Management, Leave Management, and Onboarding / Off-Boarding improving efficiency. One-stop solution offering unbeatable service and ease of use.

Final Settlement

Designed to process all employee payments by automating the backend processes and eliminating procedural hassle with managing payroll. Create a lasting positive exit experience for your employees with all their statutory and non-statutory payments and recoveries settled with utmost convenience.

Manage your Employees' Loans and Advances

Built-in agility to manage your employees’ loans and advances. Be it for one employee or thousands, Payroll management module allows you to keep track of everything you or your employees need for automated payments and advances. It helps your employees manage their instalments by holding or repaying an instalment using their employee self-service portal. 

Statutory & Tax Compliance

Assisting you in meeting your statutory obligations as an employer by generating the statutory deductions and preparing the statutory remittance reports and forms. Avoid the risk of penalties while our system ensures adherence to all law amendments. Let the system gather your employee’s tax declarations, proof submissions, and automatically calculate the applicable tax.

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Integrated Payroll System

The payroll system is integrated with employee time and attendance data for seamless calculation of paydays

Manage Income Tax

Enable tax declarations by employees to ensure optimal tax deductions and payments. You can also generate ready to upload 24Q statements.

Flexible Benefit Plan

Create an option for employees to choose organization benefits from their basket of allowances, submit claims, and upload proofs for online approvals.

One-Click Final Settlement

Process your employee's complete and final settlements efficiently, keep track of all relieved employee records, and process settlements in one go as and when needed.

Statutory Receipts

Generate, download, and print your payroll run statements at the end of the month, using a multi-functional form that generates Professional Tax (PT), ESI, and PF, and, Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR).

Role-Based Access

Create role-based logins in the payroll system for your HR, auditor, managers, etc., and let them view the crucial data.

Forms and Reports

Choose from 200+ forms and reports to stay compliant with local and central regulations.

Retrospective Payments

Our system is flexible to retrospective payouts or recoveries for pre-dated salary revisions or incorrect manual leave entries.

Employee Self-Service Portal

From the comfort of their desk, your employees can get their things done when it comes to tax declarations, loan requests, plan and claim flexible benefit plans, etc.

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