Performance Suite

Initiate experiential growth by facilitating a new work mindset with high levels of self-awareness, adaptation and value creation with our performance management software.

Monitor performance. Set KPIs. Align initiatives.

Put your employees first

Akrivia’s Performance Suite enables you to achieve goals, reach targets and meet objectives. By using the performance management system, you can easily:

  • Define and communicate performance expectations for required skill development.
  • Set and manage goals; track progress throughout the year, and create action items from meetings.

Integrate compensation with performance

Super agile performance management software with tools to integrate compensation with performance meeting the different needs of people in your organization. Intuitive and configurable module to combine compensation components from regular pay to merit and bonus.

  • Private notes and actions make the system ideal for regular one-on-one reviews and mid-year development discussions.
  • Using our Performance Suite, raise requests for 1-1 meetings and get all the discussion points documented. Address the team issues before they arise.

Inspire your employees to perform better

Our suite enables you to inspire your employees to be high performers. It also helps managers to track goals and elevate their team’s performance.

  • Shared agendas allow you to remember items better to discuss, making meetings more efficient.
  • Create shared action items during meetings, so elements are forgotten.

Insightful performance report

With the help of our 360-degree feedback system, you can make data-backed HR decisions to boost your workforce engagement and performance by having our ready-to-use people and performance analytics report at your disposal.

Achieve your goals, connect and streamline your organization, get it done right on time with the Performance Management Suite. ​

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